Just some links... An informal introduction perse'

A few of the 3.4 million pics I have filed away, only to be opened by my beneficiary. Weird thing, I remember almost all of them.

My bio will explain my beginnings and a few steps along the way.

There is much more to the bio, but I told my son I would leave it out, who wants to read all of that SHTUPH?

I only posted 2/3 of the bio, because my son all but demanded it. (Dad, it's your life, you should not feel bad sharing it.) So I did.

Jon Dize aka DIZEMAN (Not quite BATMAN, but whatchagonnado?)


(Rock Stars Clients/Subjects)

(Just stuff I shot on the way to shoot other stuff.)

(Vince Neil Aviation Photo Shoot (Lead Singer Motley Crue)

(Playboy Centerfolds and Other Shoots)

(1980 Yellowstone River Expedition Las Vegas Review Journal)

(New York Celebrity Photographer checking out the INFAMOUS DIZEMAN WHITE BABY BOOTIE... I use on my flash.
I buy them at Smith's Grocery, 5 for $4.99)

(My MGM Morning Nov. 21, 1980)

(NASA pics/credentials.)

I know! I know! Boring stuff... is to me, so... enough of that silliness.

Take care,